A pixelated portrait of the man, the myth, the legend Alex Sollman.


  • css
  • javscript
  • react.js
  • PHP
  • wordpress


My name is Alex. I'm a year old programmer located in Portland, Oregon. I specialize in JavaScript developemnt but like to consider myself a jack-of-all-trades. Besides coding, I enjoy playing video games, cooking, hiking, and playing board games.

If you'd like to work together, feel free to drop me a line through any of my links below, and download my resume. Thanks for taking the time to look over my portfolio and I hope to hear from you soon :)

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Using current semantically correct and accessible HTML5, I create functional, easy to maintain websites.


Adding pixel-perfect, responsive, and beautiful styling on top of an efficient HTML skeleton is one of my specialties. Doesn't matter if I have to use a framework like bootstrap, or roll up my sleeves and build a layout grid framework from scratch, I can do it.


With React, jQuery, or just plain vanilla Javascript I can supercharge any website into a fun, interactive, and blazing fast web based application.

PHP / Wordpress

Using the power of PHP and Wordpress I can create beautiful, interactive, and easy to manage blogs, stores, and any other type of website you can imagine.

CSS Extensions

CSS frameworks/pre-processors such as Sass and Tailwind bring CSS to the next level, and with it I can write styles much faster and make them look amazing!


With Node.js I can create a backend for custom web applications using just javascript.


USAMM / EZRackBuilder

Oct. 2010 - Oct. 2021 Lead Frontend Developer
  • Responsible for identifying, delegating, and fixing issues on multiple websites
  • Responsible for developing new web applications for the EZRackBuilder
  • I maintained and developed new features and tools for multiple internal applications such as inventory forecasting tools, and tools for tracking sales from over 100 physical touch screen kiosks.
  • Collaborated with designers to optimize the user experience in all our web applications.
  • Worked with multiple complex APIs to accurately display and transfer data across multiple platforms.
  • Built, installed, and provided technical support for over 100 touch screen kiosks around the world.

Punchy Pickle

Feb. 2022 WordPress developer
  • Responsible for updating the wordpress theme and fixing bugs on this recipie blog.